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Beijing Ruixiang Crystal Technology Co., Ltd

Beijing Ruixiang Crystal Technology Co., Ltd

China, Beijing
Mr. GUOZHENG LI, Deputy manager
Mr. YANCHEN LI, Assistant business manager
Ms. FANSI KONG, Business manager

About Us

Located in Beijing, a peaceful and harmonious city, Beijing Ruixiang Crystal Technology Co., Ltd has an obvious geographical advantage, which facilitates our business dealings with partners and customers in the surrounding cities. Our company mainly supplies LED displays and other related products and services. We have sufficient operating area, large production capacity and high quality products and services. At present, our business is in a very good condition. Beijing Ruixiang Crystal Technology Co., Ltd strictly conducts quality control; timely introduces advanced equipment; and strengthens management in time. Our company is constantly increasing investment to be committed to providing reliable and trusted products and services to the public. We base on the local; focus on the future; steadily develop and move towards the country and even the world! In the efforts of the unity of the whole company staff, a great number of various market parties have a high opinion of our products and services. We hope that through our professional level and unremitting efforts to provide high grade services to our customers, and finally achieve a win-win benefit for each other! If you are interested in our main products, please contact us! We look forward to cooperating with you!

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Beijing Ruixiang Crystal Technology Co., Ltd





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We provide high quality LED displays and other related products and services. Our technology covers heat dissipation techniques, LED technical base, LED lighting, LED epitaxy/ wafer, LED packaging, LED driver/ power supply, optical design, OLED, testing/ manufacturing and material parts. Our products and technologies can be used in outdoor lighting, interior lighting, lighting decoration, creative design, indicator/ display, car lights/ vehicle equipment, backlight, industrial medical lighting and special lighting. We would like to seek dealers in the European region, and at the same time, we also do not rule out seeking technical cooperation and investment opportunities!




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